Deborah has been dedicated to literacy and education her entire career.
compelled Deborah to take action and teach news literacy throughout the country face-to-face.

The video on the left is the promo for the project; the one on the right is a highlight reel of some of the results

Learn more: Arresting Knowledge

Pause - a Pod Cast

In the US alone, over 6000 women each day start the time-honored journey into menopause.
It’s an extraordinary opportunity for growth, reflection, and kvetching.

Deborah has created a live series that celebrates doctors, therapists, storytellers and women.
It was sponsored by Hylands Homeopathic / Doctor Wise
Learn more on the website and take a listen here.

Corporate Video Production

Deborah is a writer, producer, and content strategist.
She works on large campaigns to make an impact. She writes scripts, does sound design and voice overs
and collaborates with animators, filmmakers and storytellers.
Here are a few examples of her work

Corporate WOW FACTOR Shows

Deborah produces and creatively directs wow factor shows for corporate events.
She works with large event companies and also directly with their clients to generate the best ideas and then makes them a reality.
It’s the perfect fusion of her business acumen and her mastery of the creative arts.

Get Smart Radio

For the last 10 years, Deborah has been hosting a live podcast called Get Smart Radio. She's starting it up again in Los Angeles. Stay on her mailing list to not miss the next show.

LINK to Get Smart Radio ARCHIVES

A single JINGLE

Over 1 million views, this video features a song Deborah wrote
to help Hyland's Homeopathic re-launch their Teething Tablets.

Theater / Laughter

A sizzle from the very first Shoes Worth Sharing Show.
For the FULL show - watch here

Campaign Jingles

Every Brand needs a theme song. Buying loops from the web is cold-hearted. Deborah brings soul to every project she touches.
This song is for Get Up Go Socks.

Stand Up

Deborah MC's, marries people, and once in a while...does stand up. Here she is at The Improve in Los Angeles


As the founder of Artists for Literacy, Deborah has been covered by major media outlets
including Rolling Stone Magazine, BBC, and the New York Times. Here's a great interview on NPR that explains her work.

Radio Diaries

Deborah thrives on bringing stories to life - especially when they help raise the voices of others who have import things to say.
Here's an example of one of her more in-depth radios documentaries.

Voice For Change

Deborah has been the narrator for over 10 documentary film projects.