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Discovery drives the will to live. It makes meaning out of moments. It shapes ideas into structures so they don't disappear -- so they show up as words, music, images, inventions, cures, experiences. 

Life is sculpted by discovery through the projects we pursue. If some of these inspire you - jump in. Nothing created thrives in a vacuum. It depends on you.  We can make an impact together.


what can be yours

Senior Writing Projects: web, print, ad campaigns, presentations, scripts, technical

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Branded Content Development

Master of Ceremonies / Facilitation / Instigation

Interactive Keynote Presentations: subjects of expertise: literacy, the creative process, leadership, diversity & inclusion, collaboration, humor, and shoes.

Examples / portfolio: customized and delivered upon request.


A sizzle from the very first Shoes Worth Sharing Show


Over 1 million views, this video features a song Deborah wrote
to help Hyland's Homeopathic re-launch their Teething Tablets.

A Theme Song

Maternal Mental Health NOW helps thousands of families address depression around pregnancy. It's not an easy topic. It carries a great deal of shame. Deborah wrote this song to help with a national campaign to "speak up when you're down." It was also translated and sung in Spanish.

Public Speaking

Deborah speaks on many topics. This talk was at the Sustainability Conference - she was introducing the idea of "cool the world" - a songs sung by young voices to raise awareness and stir action to cool the world down.

Corporate Talk Shows

Everyone loves a change of pace.
Deborah helped Genentech deal with some serious change management issues
by using the talk show format to open up new channels of communication.


Deborah has been the voice behind over 10 documentary film projects.

Spoken Word

In her interactive keynotes and storytelling workshops,
Deborah runs a program called Brave & Brilliant.

Here's a taste of the work she does to inspire exchanges between participants.


Music Samples

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