Deborah's been writing FOR her entire life. Here are some unpublished manuscripts - plays, TV shows, movies, books. They are all copy written and protected. If you'd like to learn more about any of them, please let us know.

Safe & Sound - TV

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Lemonwater - Movie

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An eccentric wounded warrior, West Henry now ‘creatively’ runs a self-storage facility that’s bloated with off0beat characters, illegal businesses, and accumulated pasts.

When one woman dies and leaves both a husband and her clandestine female lover in mourning, what's the communication etiquette? Awkward....

The Put Down - Play

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A one-act play about a veterinarian and a dog owner - both in need of some meds.

I'm No Expert - Book

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A fake guide to real success...

A one-act play about a guy who never shows up for his own surprise party, but his guests find out more about his life than they bargained for.


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A movie based on a story told by Maria Bello. It's a romp through a pre-school parking lot, where a few mommies aren't thinking about playgroup anymore. But they are thinking about their next pole-dancing swing set.

Glisten UP - Movie

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This book was written 10 years earlier than the screenplay. It's very different, but you'll recognize most of the characters.

Lemonwater - Book

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