Crush / Create #2

Think about someone in your life whose sudden death today would REALLY ruin your day —specifically because you haven't connected with them in awhile. 

Just pick one person.  Consider during the next moment you have that's boring you into scanning emails in your spam folder, or surfing Instagram (which gets me dizzy sometimes)  or reading this blog. During that moment, call that person instead. (If it's me, that's a double hit on this post!)

This isn't an earth-shattering new concept, I know. But calling someone and creating the connection that makes life for both of you less black hole-ish - that's worth a trending hash tag. And I'd be risking being confused with AT&T. 

There's nothing we live for more than knowing we actually matter to someone other than ourselves. #hallmark? Not really. 

It's taking a potentially lost moment and finding meaning in it. Crush boredom; create happiness.